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We currently specialize in helping individuals pass their California real estate salesperson or broker state exam.

Would you like to pass the California real estate stats exam the first time you take it without taking one single note? Are you one of the many that have taken the California real estate sales person or broker exam and failed it? Although no one can guarantee that you will pass your exam the first time you take it we will do our best to help you and we sincerely want to help you!

I am pleased to let you know that we are conducting live in person instruction (not zoom) programs to help you pass your exam during the pandemic & after the pandemic & we are doing it safely!

To see what dates we are conducting the one day Boot Camp, click on “Upcoming Programs” on the “Menu” at the top of this webpage,

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It Is because of students like these that I still enjoy doing my one day tutor Boot Camp sense 1988 (after more than 34 years)! You learned how to walk and you learned how to talk without taking notes; do the same thing with your California salesperson or broker real estate state exam! Each of these students passed their exams without taking one single note! It is a paradigm shift in education! Someone probably referred you to me. Ask them if they took any notes

Success in any field is always directly related to knowledge of that field, but more importantly knowing how to do what you should be doing. J Marshall Schoonover can uniquely provide that knowledge and make you comfortable and skillful in its implementation. He does this in a very effective, unique, interesting, motivating and refreshing way. Yes he can get results and that is what you want isn’t it? He can speak and train in all areas of motivation and sales and he has been doing this since 1977!

Learn how to pass your California real estate salesperson or broker exam without taking one single note!Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

“Your immediate past determined what you are today and what you do today  determines what your future will be! So do it now!” JMS 

“I am the very best; then, there are all of the rest” JMS

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J Marshall Schoonover has done it all! J Marshall has given public speeches and sales training programs in 25 states in the United States. He has shared with his audiences his “results-getting” “thought-provoking” methods for being more productive in the field of selling as well as helping individuals pass both the California broker and salesperson’s test the first time they take it. J Marshall Schoonover has in fact done it all. As a new real estate salesperson in 1977 he brought in 89 listings in his first 10 months in the business, in a seller’s market. In 1978 he was the first person ever to be awarded with an International Award for his real estate listing presentation that he gave in New Orleans competing with thousands of salespeople from all over the United States and Canada. J Marshall has managed both residential and commercial real estate offices increasing production from 49% to 200%. He worked as a real estate recruiter in several different states conducting hundreds of career-nights and interviews. He was a Regional Training Director for a large real estate franchise in 12 different states over a six year period. He was a Regional Franchise Sales Manager for two large real estate franchises, responsible for the sale of many real estate franchises. He was a substitute trainer for Floyd Wickman, teaching Floyd’s programs as a personal substitute trainer for Floyd himself, in seven different states, including Floyd’s famous Sweathogs Program. He conducted a two-day real estate crash course for a large California real estate school called Real Estate Trainers 499 weekends over a thirteen year period. J Marshall tutored his first person on how to pass the real estate test in 1977. Since then he has helped tens of thousands of indivduals to pass both the salesperson and brokers test successfully. Currently, J Marshall is specializing in helping indivduals pass either the salesperson or brokers test the first time they take it. J Marshall enjoys helping individuals pass either their salesperson or broker test the first time they take it. Truly, J Marshall Schoonover has done it all! J Marshall Schoonover brought in 49 individual previously owned residential listings in his first six months in Real Estate and 89 listings in his first year. This was in a seller’s market. In 1978, as a new salesperson, he won a Top International Award for his listing presentation that he gave in New Orleans competing with thousands of salespersons from all over the United States and Canada. Would you like to learn how he did it, so that you can do it too? Click here for more information!  Pass Your Test Now . Com is a subsidiary of J MARSHALL SPEAKS and is solely owned by J Marshall Schoonover. J Marshall is one of California’s most respected and experienced results-getting real estate exam trainers, having trained tens of thousands of individuals since 1978. He offers results-producing training and tutoring, both private and group, specifically designed to help individuals that are interested in passing the California salesperson or broker state exam the first time they take it, or as is true in many cases, the next time they take it. Our Courses Provide Incredible Learning Results. Learn more about how Pass Your Test Now can help you.