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Find out what exam dates are available today! Learn more about real estate in California, and find more information related to your exam & licensing.

The state of California now offers an eLicensing online system to manage your examinations & licensing. It allows you to schedule or reschedule an exam, change your mailing address, view your results and more.  

Links and forms to help you register and study for your exams.

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1. Click Here To Register Or Login To eLicensing

2. Requirements to Apply for a Real Estate Salesperson License

3. Steps to Becoming a Licensed
Real Estate Salesperson or Broker

4. Sales Person Exam & License Application Process

5. How To Apply For The Salesperson Exam

6. Combined Salesperson Exam and License Application Process

7. Requirements to Apply for a Real Estate Broker License

8. Broker Examination and License Application Process

9 Combined Broker Exam and License Application Process

10. Exam/License Application Checklist.pdf                                                                                                                                                                          

11. See Available Exam Date

12. About eLicensing

13. California Department of Real Estate eLicensing System

14. Schedule New Exam Date

15. Change Your Exam Date

16. Current Processing Timeframes

17. Salesperson Exam Application.pdf

18. Broker Exam Application.pdf

19. All DRE Forms

20. Real Estate License Lookup

21. Credit Card Payment Form.pdf

22. Non-Licensed Experience Verification (Real Estate Related)

23. How To Renewing Salesperson or Broker License every 4 Years

You will find useful information by visiting the following websites:

24. Real Estate Law

25. Various DRE Fees

26. California Association of Realtors

27. California Dept. of Real Estate

You must be registered with the DRE to perform eLicensing transactions. 

28. Register Now!

Examination applicants will be asked to select a scheduling location, date, and time from a list of available options.

Existing licensees will be asked to enter the information required on the mail-in application forms into the secure online system. You can review the information that will be needed by viewing the applicable form.
29. Branch Office Application.pdf

30. Broker Change Application.pdf

31. Broker Renewal Application.pdf

32. Salesperson Renewal Application.pdf

33. Salesperson Change Application.pdf

34. Continuing Education Extension/Exemption Request.pdf

Renewal applicants will also need to enter the course number and completion date of continuing education courses taken. Continuing education requirements must be completely satisfied in order to renew through the eLicensing system.

For fee based transactions such as examination schedule requests, renewals and duplicate license requests, you must authorize payment using your VISA, MasterCard, American Express credit card or debit card bearing a VISA or MasterCard logo. Please have the information readily available. For your protection, DRE does not process payments nor keep any credit card information on file. All fee payments are conducted through a payment processing center using secured transactions.

After successful completion of the eLicensing transaction, no additional documents will need to be submitted to DRE. However, if an error occurs and you cannot complete your eLicensing transaction, you will need to submit the applicable form to the DRE by mail or in-person at one of the 

35. DRE District Offices

Find out what exam dates are available today! Learn more about real estate in California, and find more information related to your exam and licensing.

36. District Offices  

37. Licensee  Examinee Statistics  

38. Multiple Department License Lookup

39. Licensee/Examinee Statistics for Fiscal Year 2022/2023

40. DRE Publications  

41. DRE Bulletin   

42. CA. Legislative Information

43. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Brokers Requirements

44. Fingerprint Requirements

45. Live Scan Service Request (Applicant/Petitioner) From RE237

46. Live Scan Locations

47. Fees

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