Step-by-step requirements to acquire a license

Copy this page so that you can be looking at it as you search for what you need to do.

Step 1: Do your due diligence & make sure that this is what you want to do! Real estate sales is not for everyone. However, if it’s for you, it can be extremely rewarding and memorable! Part of your due diligence would be to read the information I have published on this website under the heading State Exam Information (which is discussed below). You should print this page out and put a checkmarks by the items that you complete step-by-step as you complete them. This is all part of your due diligence!

Step 2: Most applicants must complete 3 prerequisite courses before they qualified to apply for the state exam. In California before you can apply for a California real estate salesperson exam you must first complete 3 prerequisites. It’s possible that you may have some classes from college that qualify as one or more of the 3. If you have not completed any or all of the 3 prerequisites, I can help you with that. Send me an email. (You can click on the following link to do that.) and I will tell you how to that at a discounted price. In the email mention that you are interested in finding out more about the Department of Real Estate approved and certified school that I recommend where you can receive the 3 requisites at a discounted price.

Step 3: Apply for state exam approval. If you have already completed your 3 prerequisites you need to fill out an application requesting approval to take the state exam. To do that online come back to this website and on the “Menu” bar at the top of this page click on State Exam InformationItem #2 on that page explains the “Requirements to Apply for a Real Estate Broker License Item # 3 explained the Steps to Becoming a Licensed
Real Estate Salesperson or Broker
 Item # 4: Sales Person Exam & License Application Process informs you that you can apply for approval to schedule a California real estate exam online, by fax or by US mail. Item #6: “Combined Salesperson Exam and License Application Process” explains the difference between a combined salesperson exam and license application and an exam approval only application. Item # 5: “How To Apply For The Salesperson Exam allows you to apply for a salesperson exam online. This is where you can actually apply online for the state exam. Remember, you cannot do this until you have all 3 prerequisite certificates (or transcripts from college, if that is applicable)in your possession! You will need to upload them onto the DRE’s website through there a link on that page.

Step # 4: Do not request that the DRE pick an examination date for you on the requesting approval to take the state exam form. Check the box that says you only want approval and that you will schedule your exam at a later date once you have approval. This probably will not make sense to you until you look at the form itself. This should be clear to you when you look at the actual form.

Step # 5: You have applied to tht DRE for approval to schedule a Ca. state exam. To see how long it will take to process your application on this website, click on “State Exam Information” on the menu at the top of this webpage. On that page click on item # 16: Current Processing Timeframes

Step # 6: On this website, click on “Upcoming Programs” on the menu at the top of this webpage. There you will see when I am scheduling my one one day tutor Boot Camp’s. You should schedule your state exam as close close to my one day tutor Boot Camp as possible. Any day Monday through Saturday the following week works great. However, I repeat the closer to the Boot Camp the better. I do not schedule my one day tutor Boot Camp’s very far ahead of time. I scheduled a one day tutor Boot Camp only after the DRE has posted exams for a given month or months. If you happen to notice the DRE posting exam dates for a certain month before I do and I do not have a Boot Camp scheduled for that month let me know and I will do that.

Step # 7: Once you have approval from the state of California DRE to schedule a state exam come back to my website. On the “Menu” click on “State Exam Information” on the on the top of this webpage. On the webpage click on Item # 11 “See Available Exam Date On the next page click on other “Salesperson or Broker”. (You probably need to click on “Salesperson” because you will probably not qualify for the “Brokers” for a minimum of 2 years.) Select 1 of the 5 locations where the DRE is scheduling exams. The closest area to LA is LaPalma, California in Orange County. (Approval can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks and that approval will be good for two years.)

Step # 8: On this website, click on “Enrollment Form” on the top of this webpage. On the page click on the “Enrollment Form” black button. Make sure you put your exam information on this form. Do not send the form without your exam information on it. Please include your cell phone number just in case. Please include the exact time you’re taking your state exam on the form. The enrollment form is entitled “WUFOO.” After you fill out the “WUFOO” form you do not need to respond to their ad. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, shoot me an email telling me that you sent submitted an application with your exam information on it. Odds are you will receive a response from me way before then. The one day tutor Boot Camp runs from 8:15 AM until 5:20 PM and is usually conducted somewhere near LAX airport, however not always.

Step # 9: In between the time you have approval to schedule your state exam, the one tutor Boot Camp & your state exam is the time to study. I recommend over preparing! If you’d like to purchase an online question an explanation program to which I am a contributor send me an email at make sure in the email that you mention what you want. The online program is only $45 if you pay with Zelle. Your access to the online questions is good for one year. The online questions do not replace my one day tutor Boot Camp, however it does complement it. You may already have study materials you acquired from another source. Please understand that not all study materials are equal. I would hate to see you study the wrong material. What a waste of time that would be. I look forward to working with you, I am the best, and then there are all of the rest! I have conducted my one day tutor Boot Camp for over 35 years.

If you still have questions, shoot me an email. (You can click on the following link to do that.)

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