Why is my program and method of teaching superior to others in California?

I am an innovator and pioneer in the field of real estate exam prep. I have made an important change in the usual way of teaching real estate exam prep! I have replaced the traditional way of teaching it with a new, different and improved way of teaching it! I teach students how to pass the California real estate salesperson and broker state exam in California without taking notes, highlighting notes, or receiving any handouts.

My method of teaching is a paradigm shift in education. I have taught thousands of students over the past 26 years how to pass the California Real Estate Salesperson or Broker exam without taking notes or receiving any handouts in advance or during the program. 

Furthermore, during my programs, students are not allowed to write anything down. They are not allowed to have any sort of writing device, cell phone, or smartwatch in their accessible possession during my program.

To my knowledge, I am the only person, company, or school in California, or anywhere else for that matter, that is offering this type of paradigm shift in education or method of teaching.

I am self-taught, and I learned how to do this on my own over the last 57 years of my life experiences. I did not borrow this paradigm shift in education from someone else’s method of teaching. I am at the forefront of real estate education.

My competitors that also claim to help students pass the California real estate Salesperson or Broker State Exam have their students take hundreds of notes or give them an outline and have them highlight hundreds of notes during their programs, or they have them watch videos or review cue cards!

I realize that my claim to teach the program without taking notes is a bold claim! However, the proof is in the pudding. My business is now and always has been a 100% referred business. I have never marketed my program! All of my students throughout the years have been referred to me by someone else! My students would not refer me if it did not work. I would’ve been out of business years ago if it did not work!

As a result of my method of teaching most of my students pass the salesperson or broker exam in California the first time they take it. My approach is more efficient and effective than the traditional approach. My approach to teaching the California Real Estate Exam preparation for the salesperson and broker exam is unique and innovative!

There are multiple benefits to not taking notes. For example, it allows my students to focus on listening and understanding the material rather than trying to write everything down. It also helps my students to develop their critical thinking skills and to learn how to synthesize information on the spot.
Some students who have come to me have taken the state exam multiple times before taking my program. Some students who failed the exam twice or more times using a traditional prep program were able to pass on their next try after taking my program using my method. They said that my approach helped them to finally understand the material and to feel confident on the day of the exam.

The questions on the state exam are written and designed to be rigorous and ambiguous! I have discovered over the years that the more a student knows about a certain subject in the real world the more difficulty they may have answering questions about that subject on the state exam. 

For example, appraisers may have trouble answering appraisal questions because they know too much about appraisal. Lenders may have difficulty passing the state exam because they know too much about finances. 

Because the questions on the state exam are written and designed to be rigorous and ambiguous they are forcing a student to use their own knowledge to fill in the blanks, and it is easy to fill in the wrong blanks so to speak!

Paradoxically, when you have real-world knowledge regarding a subject you are more likely to select what I call a “decoy answer,” because you think too deeply and second guess yourself! 

Because the questions are written ambiguously by design they’re forcing you to use your own knowledge to fill in the blank, it’s this if or it is that if! 

If you fill in the blanks the wrong way based upon your knowledge from the real world more often than not you will select what I call the decoy answer or sucker answer! 

As a result of the deliberately ambiguously written state exam questions and the student’s real world knowledge a knowledgeable student immediately after taking the state exam will believe in their mind’s eye that they passed the state exam, only to learn later that they failed the state exam by one to three questions, not even knowing what hit them! Not even knowing why!

Students who learn without taking notes are more likely to retain the information and to be able to apply it to the state exam. My students are more likely to pass the exam on the first try.

Not taking notes helps my students to focus on listening and understanding the material, to develop their critical thinking skills, and to learn how to synthesize information on the spot. Being able to take the exam without having to rely on notes reduces stress and increases confidence!

I would also like to point out that my program saves students a lot of time and effort, as they do not have to spend hours taking and reviewing notes.

Does my program work for students with learning disorders?
Yes, my program works for students with learning disorders, including dyslexia. I have found that my no-note-taking method is particularly effective for students with these disorders. In fact, most of my students with learning disorders pass the California state exam the first time they take it after taking my one-day Boot Camp..

November 20, 2023

J Marshall Schoonover

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